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Quotes I have two daughters that have both been to previous daycare (both centres and home daycare). By far, Sonja has been the best provider. When I first met Sonja, I felt instantly that she was a good fit for my children and genuinely cares about all the children in her care. Sometimes I almost feel like she is part of our extended family as that's how warm and nurturing she is. As a mother, looking for quality care is always difficult, but when I met Sonja I knew that she was someone that was going to care about my children and she made me feel at ease when I was making the transition. Everyday, my youngest daughter who is in full time, comes home and sings new songs that she's learned or creative craft that she has made. Overall, Sonja and her family are very warm and loving and I would recommend Sonja to any family looking for childcare. Quotes
Michelle K.

Quotes After having a bad daycare experience with my one year old son, I was very nervous and scared to find another private daycare provider. After meeting with Sonja and seeing all of her great calandars and program ideas we decided to try another private daycare provider and.......we are sooo happy that we did. Sonja (and her family) have looked after our son as if he were one of her own children. He has learned sooo much since starting in January of 2009 and there has NEVER been a day that he has said that he didn't want to go to "onja's" house. In the time that our son has been going to Sonja's Home Daycare he has learned many new songs, he has developed a great liking to reading and dancing and the amount of crafts that he brings home is incredible (I don't think that there has been a single duplicate yet!) We are now having a second child and am excited that we will be able to continue to work with Sonja! I look forward to many more years bringing my children to Sonja's Daycare! Quotes
Amy O

Quotes We were Sonja's first customers when she opened her home daycare over 12 years ago. I was going back to work after having our oldest daughter Sheena and saw an advertisement that Sonja had put in the newspaper. I liked Sonja right away. Her "open door policy" made me feel right at ease. Sheena quickly grew to love going to Sonja's house, where there were lots of great toys and other little friends to play with, healthy meals and nurturing to be had. Sonja always had time to talk to the parents and answer any questions we might have. Sheena and our younger daughter Kate spent 10 happy years being cared for by Sonja. They grew very fond of Sonja's husband and children, who are great as well. My girls are wonderful and I have to thank Sonja in part for helping them to become the kind, young people they are today. She was much more than a baby-sitter to them, but also a very positive role model and friend! I can't speak highly enough of her. Quotes
Sonja is Great!!

Quotes I needed to find suitable daycare for my daughter close to home when she was starting school. Emilie was so young when she started her previous daycare that she thought she was visiting "family" everyday and was very sad to be leaving them. Emilie was nervous and hesitant about starting a new daycare. Sonja was patient with Emilie and gave both Emilie and I the guidance on how to adjust to her new surroundings. Sonja made Emilie feel welcome and put me at ease that Emilie was comfortable and content. Emilie is now in Grade 4 and spends before and after school with Sonja and the summer months. Sonja is always dependable, responsible and consistent in her care with Emilie. Sonja is always right on top of any instructions that I need to provide and makes sound judgment calls for Emilie when the need arises. I am able to go about my work day knowing that Emilie is safe, cared for and happy. The level of care, the hours that Sonja works and the effort put into her daycare is evident! Quotes

Quotes I first met Sonja when I had my daughter 8 years ago, I was extremely nervous about putting her in a home daycare and decided against it at first ( This had nothing to do with Sonja) A year later I returned to Sonja and family for daycare and immediately was put ease. My daughter loved the safe caing and fun environment Sonja provided and thrived there. To this day she still goes on holidays and summer vacation. I have since had a son who is a toddler now and also in the daycare, after much trouble with other home dycares I came back to Sonja who I drive accross town to ensure my child is safe and happy.! She makes my days easier and stress free as I know my children are always safe and cared for with her! The 25 minute drive is well worth the quality care Sonja provides =) Quotes
Stephanie Desbiens
Working Mom